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Kinetic Events Youtube Channel
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Team Power Bar swiss explorers Abseil section

    Afriabseil take swiss team PowerBar swiss explorers down to the next canyon section.
  • EA 2017 Registration & team briefing

    The teams are all here and eager to get going. 39 teams from around the world have descended on Cape St Francis resort in South Africa to take on the challenge of this years Expedition Africa adventure race. Friday was Registration day and gave the teams an opportunity to get to know the area, Start preparing their kit and ask the all important question ..... "Are we ready for this"!
  • ExpAfrica.Live | ThisAbility, Last Team Over the Line

    ExpAfrica.Live | ThisAbility, Last Team Over the Line

    We welcome #TeamThisAbility, the last team to cross the line at Expedition Africa Rodrigues. The team talk about their 129hour of racing and witnessing a tortoise birth in a cave.
  • Team Preparations | ExpAfricaRodrigues 2019

    Today was a whirlwind of affairs! What made this race real was seeing teams receive their island-style race bibs.

    The days started on a high when teams noticed a shipment of bike boxes on the horizon and it ended on a high knowing that the race is on.

    Registration was a breeze, everyone has their bikes and food has been sorted from the local markets.

    We cannot be more excited about the Opening Ceremony tomorrow.

    ExpAfrica.Live is "live" for reading more information.

    Video: Elevated Adventure Films