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Kinetic Events Youtube Channel
  • Expedition India 2019 : Race Day 5

    Highlights from Race Day 5
  • Expedition India 2019 : Race Day 4

    Highlights from Race Day 4
  • ExpAfrica.Live | Race Day 2, The Ocean Takes Control

    This evening we talk 'Water Wars'. Teams soon came to realize how damaging the tide would be to their race plan if they missed it by as little as an hour.

    We feature a multitude of teams who have all had some ups and downs.

    On the show tonight:
    #TeamTruffleHunters, #TeamSpotAfrica, #TeamAddicted2Adventure, #TeamSpiritCanada, #TeamMerrellMissiles, #TeamSweatyBettys, #TeamSynthesisintotheunknown, #TeamDarDingle, #TeamBlizzard, #TeamMerrellAdventureAddicts, #TeamKeyhealthNevarest and #TeamSplashFlashandDash

    In addition to the above, we chat to the media teams of #TeamBucketOfHopeabout the race for Cancer and #TeamNamaqua about how much wine they brought to Rodrigues.

    Follow the race on ExpAfrica.Live
    Produced By AdventureLife SA

    #itsallaboutrodrigues #ExpAfricaRodrigues #expafrica #VisitRodrigues #AirMauritius #SPOTAdventure #arworldseries #itsallaboutlove
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  • ExpAfrica.Live | Race Winners, Greener Adventure Cykelkraft

    ExpAfrica.Live | Race Winners, Greener Adventure Cykelkraft

    Terence ActionMan Vrugtman talks to Jonas Andersson and his team about their win at #ExpAfricaRodrigues. After 70hrs+ of racing on 1.5 hours sleep, the team recall their final 12 hours sprinting against ##teamblizzard.

    Production: AdventureLife SA

    #itsallaboutrodrigues #ExpAfricaRodrigues #expafrica #VisitRodrigues #AirMauritius #SPOTAdventure #arworldseries #itsallaboutlove
  • ExpAfrica.Live | THE RACE IS ON!

    ExpAfrica.Live (delayed upload) is a dedicated high-lights show to help you catch up on all the days action.

    Terence ActionMan Vrugtman and his band of 'Dot-Hunters', Craig Giese and Annabelle Latz, bring you some interesting bits of content and stories from the trail.

    Normally Live (when our signal is good enough) from Cocotiers Hotel - Rodrigues Join us for a fun and vibey show with all the juicy gossip any true dit watcher would like to know.

    Production by AdventureLife SA.

    #itsallaboutrodrigues #ExpAfricaRodrigues #expafrica #VisitRodrigues #AirMauritius #SPOTAdventure #arworldseries #itsallaboutlove
  • Race Day 4 | ExpAfrica Rodrigues 2019

    Greener Adventure takes the win at Expedition Africa Rodrigues in the form of a sprint finish, probably the most exciting EA finish ever.

    Video: Elevated Adventure Films
  • Race Day 2 | Expedition Africa Rodrigues 2019

    The ocean has played its cards today and it was a strong hand.

    The teams that understood the tides reaped the benefits and those that didn't, learnt a hard lesson.

    The field has continued to spread as the leaders, Greener Adventure, have pushed hard and the less competitive teams have started to take in their environment.

    Race Day 3 is the crux of the event. Fatigue will set in and experience will start to show.

    Video: Elevated Adventure Films
  • Race Day 5, Rodrigues gets a bit bull-ish | ExpAfrica Rodrigues 2019

    Rodrigues gets a bit bullish, Sleep Monsters takes its toll | ExpAfrica Rodrigues 2019.

    Teams get attacked by a bull, sleep monsters take their toll and the Via Ferrata becomes the new race highlight.

    Awesome video by Elevated Adventure Films
  • Race Day 3, Caves of Rodrigues | ExpAfrica Rdorigues 2019

    The teams explored the 700m long caves of Francois Leguat Nature Reserve and walked amoung giants.

    In the reserve, the teams reflect on an incredible journey so far and find new energy to keep on keeping on.

    Video: Elevated Adventure Films
  • Race Day 1 | ExpAfricaRodrigues 2019

    The race is on! 60 teams from around the world embark on a unique challenge that will involve grit and determination.

    Expedition Africa is a 350, multiday event where teams race non-stop doing a multitude of sport.

    This is a historic start to what is going to be an unbelievable adventure.

    Video:Elevated Adventure Films