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Kinetic Events Youtube Channel
  • ExpAfrica.Live | Leader Shake Up / Tortoises & Caves

    ExpAfrica.Live | Leader Shake-Up / Tortoises & Caves

    This evening on ExpAfrica.Live, we chat to the Island Cheif Executive, Davis Hee Hong Wye.

    Craig Giese and Annabelle Latz visit the Fran├žois Leguat Reserve Rodrigues and explore some caves.

    We discuss the leader's shake-up as we expect them tomorrow morning.

    Production By AdventureLife SA

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  • Race Day 3, Caves of Rodrigues | ExpAfrica Rdorigues 2019

    The teams explored the 700m long caves of Francois Leguat Nature Reserve and walked amoung giants.

    In the reserve, the teams reflect on an incredible journey so far and find new energy to keep on keeping on.

    Video: Elevated Adventure Films