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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Why must you do Expedition Africa 2016 Garden Route?
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The Jewel of South Africa, the Garden route in the Western Cape will be the host area of EA 2016.

Kayaking legs will include iconic sea paddles passing massive cliffs rising from the sea, magical lakes bordering lush forest, coastal lakes and mysterious river going inland to where few kayakers have ventured too.

Mountain biking on some of the world’s most famous single tracks through majestic forest routes and in contrast will be the tracks of the Klein Karoo, a semi-desert landscape.

Trekking on awe-inspiring coastal sections leading to dense forest trails lined with ferns and maybe, just maybe a sighting of the elusive forest elephants.

EA 2016 will include one of the most incredible canyoneering sections ever in AR history, added to that, an abseil that will stay in racers minds till end of days.

Before and after the event, teams will be on the doorstep of the highly sought after Garden Route area. Our host resort Pine Lake Marina, 5 km from Sedgefield also known as “Slow Town” is central to all the activities of this tourism mecca. This is also the ideal opportunity to extend your trip and explore more of our beautiful Country.

Our next trip will be early January 2016 and we are now more into the final stages of the event. We plan to do the legs we haven't done physically and most important to finalize the last meetings and permissions with Tourism, Parks board, Land-owners etc. 

We are also going into details of things like the look and feel of the artwork eg:  Bib design, bike board, discussions about the Community project and what will be best for both racers and local communities, transport services,  transitions,  Media and the list go on.

This is a whole year of intensive planning and all you can ever hope for is that teams have an amazing time, the weather is kind to our event and that we created a life-long adventure which will be a memory in each persons life!

For the Love of Adventure!

For more information regarding the event, volunteers and Media or contact me:


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