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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

The Mountains are calling my name
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The Mountains are calling my Name

What is it about the Drakensberg Mountains? Is it the fresh air? The Green fields? Or just the absolute beauty it encompasses?

Over the years we have hosted several Adventure races in different parts of the Drakensberg, and I still feel refreshed after yet another scouting trip.

This time our Expedition Africa Double Moon adventure race 100 km and 200 km will be hosted at the Dragon Peaks Mountain resort. The resort is just absolutely beautiful and has everything we were looking for. A venue with a hall, different sleeping options for our teams, restaurant and also great recreational activities for the family and supporters while they wait for their loved ones to cross the finish line.

So, the year started with a BANG!!! We returned late last Sunday afternoon from our Vaaldam Holiday. We then packed in 3 hectic days at the office and left lunch time on Thursday.  We arrived late in the evening at the Drakensberg, and as always it was the normal craziness in the car with 2 small children.

This was my day with the children as Stephan left very early to go and find a river where we can kayak, and to see if his ideal route is connecting. Sadly he returned late at night with no good news as all of the rivers are empty. For those readers out there who are not aware, we have a severe draught in South Africa and its affecting most of our Country, and sadly the worst of the repercussions are still to come.

The other night I posted an amusing photo on Facebook while we sat in the Lounge area to work (yes they also have Free Wifi at the resort). Stephan had all of the maps open on the floor and every person was side stepping him as they entered the lounge area, but the most humorous part was our energetic children running wild. They don’t yet understand the concept of “speaking softer” or “stop it now”. Yes, maybe we should be stricter with the constant cycle of 5 minute love each other sessions, and then full on screaming fights which generally end in tears!

Needless to say Dad is trying to concentrate and trying to find other route options as I am smiling at this picture in front of me. Finally he looks up and we start smiling at each other as we both know that this is not working, yet it is… magical! But it’s not for the faint hearted…how lucky am I.

We don’t always have someone with us and we can’t leave the children alone, so we have to tackle the impact it has on our own training sessions. The next morning I decided before Stephan left for the day, to go for a trail run in the mountains as “the mountains was calling my name”.

This was all Mommy needed, as the mist was just lifting off the Mountains, and a troop of Baboons was waiting for me. I had to stop and take a photo as their calmness and freedom intrigued me. I took a moment just to breathe in the fresh air, all alone appreciating this God made beauty. Again I thought: how lucky am I.

Plans changed and we joined Daddy for the day in the car. The day consisted of; asking farmers for permission to cross their land, finding water for our kayak legs, and a breakfast stop just outside Winterton at a beautiful little Farm type setting Pig & Plough Restaurant (a must for all our racers or spouses) and a few more venue stops. All in all, a good long day in the car and we survived it.

Last morning at the resort and I was enjoying the time with my children. Daddy returned 8 hours later from a mountain hike, still with a smile and happy that most of the route will work out.

The weekend was too short and we will have to come back to finalise a few more details of the event as we had to set off on our 5 hour trip back to Johannesburg.

If the mountains are calling your name, see all of the event information on our website It is also the ideal venue for your family to enjoy while you are having an adventure of a life time…

For the Love of Adventure



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