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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

The memorable creatures of the Garden Route
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Expedition Africa is an event that travels each year to a new adventurous destination, a place where race organiser; Stephan Muller designs a new route in a new playground. This year over 50 teams took on the 500km adventure race in the 'home of adventure' locally known as the Garden Route.

Race organisers Heidi and Stephan Muller aim to incorporate the unique qualities and aspects of each host destination, and this year incorporated the exquisite animals associated with the Garden Route as their trophy inspiration.

Each athlete that took part in this years gruelling 500km adventure race, recieved a beautifully beaded piece of art representing their adventure, and those that inhabit this particular playground.

According to Elaine Hannah, The Knysna Loerie is arguably one of the most beautiful birds and this is why our discerning locals regard it as a true icon.  The plumage is striking an evokes a sense of the "true outdoors". The Knysna Loeries also epitimise "teamwork" with their monogamous relationship and sharing of child rearing responsibilities.

If you are aware of the history surrounding the Knysna Elephant, you'll agree with their status; the ultimate survivor. "The Knysna Elephant have emerged as the only remaining and naturally occurring herd in South Africa, after having thought to be effectively extinct. Evidence has exposed only one female elephant in the forest, however more recent sightings estimate that a small herd is roaming free in the Knysna forests. The elephants elusive nature and adaptability has made the Knysna Elephant a true icon" further states  Elaine Hannah.


Elaine Hannah further explains that the Knysna Seahorse has a very special place in the hearts of locals and visitors to the Garden Route, as they are only found in Knysna, Swartvlei and Keurbooms estuaries. It is an endangered species due to a decline in their habitat. According to Hannah, the Knysna Seahorse is a very special and unusual creature as it is a fish but bears characteristics of a horse.

Within the Garden Route; Sedgefield is Africa’s first and only certified 'slow town' incorporating the Citta Slow principles of a sustainable society based on slowing down and waking up. According to Elaine Hannah, the list of qualifying requirements is long and includes preserving traditional food, controlling growth, living a healthy lifestyle and working towards a sustainable future. The Sedgefield community have granted the tortoise their mascot, bearing a giant mosaic tortoise in the small city centre. The community takes pleasure in “making haste slowly” and living more consciously.  

Each of these characters were used to create 2016's Expedition Africa trophies, something iconic enough for those residing within our beautiful nation looking to visit soon, and small enough for those who travelled back home abroad.

The Garden Route bared magnitudes of support and cheer to all athletes, as they took on their 500km challenge. Some athletes will testify to the phenomenal support, and how the unexpected shouts of cheer suddenly picked up their spirits, leading them to the finish line, conquering  Expedition Africa 2016.

"It's all about the small things that make this event more than a race, and a memorable one" shares Heidi Muller. Congratulations to all the teams, supporters and the Garden Route communities for contributing to a memorable and love-filled event.

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