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Scouting week 2 & Launch at Pine Lake Marina
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Scouting week 2

We had big plans but at the end not much of "on the ground" scouting happened as we have decided to take our children with us and it turned out to be more a meet and greet week with clients and discussing several route choices etc. Most of the times I keep Werner and Isabella busy while Stephan will meet with a client discussing the maps and route options ...of-course mommy loves this part. 

We had the most amazing week I must say... go and have a look at my Facebook page Album: Garden Route where I have posted several photo's of our trip. Coming from the City living of Johannesburg its such a breath of fresh air and I really love it to organize events in these beautiful parts of our Country. It rejuvenate me and feel like I am on holiday...its a Working Holiday but that is just how we roll (as they say) 

Launch event at Pine Lake Marina, Sedgefield

The Launch event was a great success and such a wonderful night to meet again with old friends, some racing partners of years back and some "friendly" rivals.. 

I have to say thank you to Knysna Tourism, our main sponsor and support of our event for making it all possible for us!! a Big Thank you to Belinda Hobson from Sedgefield Tourism for managing the invitations, name tags, catering and even got us a few bottles of wine sponsored. 

Thank you to most probably the best venue you can ever get for families and events like ours,  Pine Lake Marina. They are our Host Sponsor and I am sure all the teams will enjoy this venue as much as we do!! 

Keep on watching the space as we are going soon on our Scouting week 3. See below for a glimpse into our week...


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