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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Scouting 3 Expedition Africa 2016 Day 2
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Kayaking was never my "thing" 

To be honest I think if I never met my husband and started doing this crazy but amazing sport called Adventure racing I would have never sat on a kayak for longer than an hour. Just shows you what you can do as many years later we most probably kayak more rivers in South Africa than most sports people. But that still does not make me a "water baby" as I do have a natural fear of water, surf, rapids and falling out. But as we planned the proposed kayak leg and I have seen it before I knew it will be beautiful and was very excited. 

We got dropped off next to the road and after a long beach walk (carrying and pushing the boat in the shallow water) we could finally start to paddle. Unfortunately we were met with an howling wind from the front and it was hard work moving forward. After some time the wind settled a bit and we were met with the beauty I was hoping for. It was a lovely day and all worth it. a Few hours later we arrived at our destination. 

I believe in all things good and beautiful and love rewards!!! So our scouting trips goes hand in hand with the Reward system...after a long kayak you deserve a great meal and cappachino! a South African specialty Boboti (see picture below) a mix of rice and mince was the special of the day! 

Then we were off to a few more hours driving around and looking for roads on maps. 

Our last appointment for the day was to go visit fellow adventure racer and friend Nikky Smit in her forest cabin.  Another spoil as we set off into the Forest picking Mushrooms for Dinner (a first for me - see picture below) . It was a night of following Team Merrell adventure addicts on the "online tracking" as Hanno Smit her husband is currently racing in the Adventure Racing World Championship in Brazil. Mushrooms from the forest, steak from cow no 38, red wine and adventure racing talks were on the menu for the night!! Just love spending time with people who understands and share the same #itsallaboutlove 



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