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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Another paddle scouting day for Expedition Africa 2016
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Another Paddle Scouting day in the Beautiful Garden Route for Expedition Africa 2016

I guess I cant call this work... but how lucky can a girl be to say that yes when we on our scouting trips this is indeed my office for the day and I Love it!!

It was another day in Paradise as we planned this trip, worked out a few route options and as always we believe in doing each section of the proposed route on map ourselves. By doing this we have plenty of time to discuss if we like it? is it "scenic" enough? will it work for our Media? will it work into the logistics line? how many helpers will we need on this leg? can you do it at night? how long will it take for the front teams versus back teams? do we need to cut racers on this leg? and so the list go on and on, as we brainstorm about every possible variable, and what will be the Plan B if this and if that.... (I promise you this discussions never stop and has became part of our daily existence.)

We saw several Fish Eagle’s on this trip. Had a few stops, swam a bit, carried the boat here and there but in general it was a very pleasant 6 hours on the water and YES I got a Tan or rather I got burnt and could not wear a pants for the next 3 days.

This evening we had a meet and greet night on the Plettenberg Bay Beach front at the Life Saving club. Most probably one of the most beautiful evenings to be on the beach and this was a lovely night discussing Expedition Africa, and adventure racing to a few local teams who wants to try it for the first time… lets see how many teams Plettenberg area can produce??  I left this night with a warm heart as I could see a few twinkles in the eyes, and a few of those hearts got excited about this Crazy yet most rewarding sport called: Adventure Racing.

All I can say is that it changed my life forever and it made me a "Rich" person in my heart and soul and it took me on an Adventure of Life-time!!! Soon you will feel the same...



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