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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Packing my bags to explore the island of Rodrigues
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Island of Rodrigues..who have ever guessed? 

Tonight I am packing my bags as we fly to Rodrigues tomorrow morning another "I cant believe it"

Just for those of you who is not sure where this island is: Rodrigues is a very small island off the coast of Mauritius. We fly first to Mauritius and then connect to Rodrigues and it looks apparently like the picture in this lets see for ourselves! 

If we pull this off it deserves its own writing of how we came about it,  but for now we were invited by their Tourism to come and explore, discuss and see if we can host a future Expedition Africa on the island and surrounding islands. This might just be our venue for 2019?? soon we will know if we can do it! 

Its easy to pack this bag as it contains mostly a few bikini's, hat, sunscreen, hiking shoes and Expedition Africa branded T shirts! and a few hot numbers for sunsets! I am way passed my bed-time thus the saying "getting my beauty sleep" is not taken into consideration. 

Its only a few days but lots of excitement as our video and camera crew will be with us to capture the action. 

Follow us from tomorrow as we will share our travels with you on all our social media platforms and hopefully entice you to join us in the future:

Instagram: @ heidikinetic and @expafrica

Twitter: @kineticeventsZA and @KineticHeidi 

For the love of adventure, travel and all things beautiful I say goodnight and farewell! 


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