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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Kinetic Adventure Final Scouting day for 6 Dec event
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I think it was nearly 40 Degrees in the valley as we did the last climb to another checkpoint for the event. Did I mention that it was HOT!! I have to admit that so many thoughts did go through my mind but I kept on reminding myself that its only 15km of cycling so I am not allowed to complain. Especially as most of the route was magnificent single track under the trees next to the river. 

As we enter the Hollybrooke Farm we went straight for the pool and had a refreshing dip and that was a lifesaver! Then we went off on the Trail running leg and as we entered the Game Farm we discovered the true beauty of this hidden GEM!! Forest single track under the trees, streams, Buck grazing and running around as we pass by. True African beauty and I do realize that we are getting so used to these privileges and have to remind myself to appreciate it.  

To finish the course took most of the day and yes sitting in bed now I do know that a working day like this is most probably the biggest Privileged of all. 

All I can hope for now is that we get the message out and more Adventure and like minded people will come and enjoy this race!!

See you on Sunday morning, 6 December at Hollybrooke Farm. (see below a few more photo's of the day)



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