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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

For the love of Adventure
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Its all about the Love for Adventure racing

This was another “heart felt” weekend and standing at the prize giving seeing all our teams chatting along, sharing special moments, and dreaming of more adventures, gives me a sense of achievement  pure happiness.

The vision behind the double moon event is to host an event in order for teams to step it up to the longer distances and to give them an opportunity to get themselves ready for Expedition Africa, our 500km adventure in May 2016.

I want to thank all of our teams, partners and sponsors for making this weekend so special. It was a first on this event to bus our teams out and I think the 2 hour bus trip ensured for an interesting start to the event. Going into the mountains at Giant’s Castle was another first for most of the adventure racers and it was truly breath-taking.

Like any other event it took a few months of planning and scouting trips to the area to finalize the route, the farmer’s permissions and to tie up all the loose ends.

We had several challenges as we were short on volunteers. So we proudly pulled this event off with 5 people. Terence Vrugtman, our official photographer had to assist where possible, Shirleen manage the Leaderboard/HQ updates, Simon our Medic had to be the driver, marshal and coffee maker. Izak and Elize “straight from Heaven” confirmed a few days before the event that they will assist us with the that was our team with myself and Stephan.

After many hours of hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, mountain biking, more kayaking and more hiking our teams finished the event off with a lovely abseil down the mountain at Dragons Peak Mountain resort. All credit to Jakes and his team at the Adventure centre,   who patiently guided each competitor down the abseil. They even went the extra mile by giving me a “wake-up” call to ensure that i was not sleeping behind my laptop. This will gave me that moment to get ready and welcome my teams in over the finishing line.

I love to hear the war stories and most importantly what the sport is doing to each one of you.  Nobody can ever take these experiences away from you as you learn at each race more about yourself and how far you can push your body and mind. Its enriching, life-changing and always positive!

Our future dream is to continue to provide you with wonderful escapes from your normal lives, and to create more awareness of this lovely sport of ours. We always try to get venues where your family and friends can join you and be part of this Adventure life of yours.

At the end of the day it’s all about Adventure and there is no better feeling than to be out in the Mountains and to breath the fresh air. There is some kind of addiction in it, and once the bug has bitten you might be hooked for life!

For those of you getting ready for Expedition Africa, it’s only a few weeks away and I am sure the excitement is building. For those of you still dreaming of the big one, follow the event on our and learn as much as you can.

On this page you will be able to follow the teams 24 hours a day and you will see the “flyover” of the whole route. You will also see the daily video clips and photo albums and you can even send your teams messages for encouragement.

#fortheloveofadventure until we meet again.



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