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Expedition Africa: Rodrigues | Swedish clinch winning title

Leading teams, Greener Adventure (SWE) and Blizzard (RUS) race neck and neck throughout the night, hoping to gain some sort of advantage over one another. Blizzard (RUS) snuck in just ahead of Merrell (RSA) closely followed by Greener Adventure (SWE) at the 24th leg of 29; the Via Feratta.

With 75km remaining in the race, at the time, each team were hoping to monopolise on any navigational errors that would take place. Team Merrell (RSA) lost time searching for CP 88 during their trekking leg before reaching T7 for the cycle. The Russian and Swedish teams continued to sprint throughout the remainder of the race, strategically moving through each transition fast and flawlessly.

Both leading teams were 2 minutes apart from each other, before reaching the final CP109. Blizzard (RUS) struggled to locate the checkpoint, which gave Swedish team; Greener Adventure a 5 minute lead, reaching the final Transition; 11 for their 3km SUP (Stand Up Paddle) leg, leading them to the finish line on the Cocotiers Hotel Beach.

An excited crowd welcomed Expedition Africa: Rodrigues winners; Greener Adventure (SWE) as they crossed the finish line at 11h40 (local time), ahead of Blizzard (RUS) by 15 minutes. The Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS) unites the world's best endurance athletes at premier qualifier events around the globe. Greener Adventure (SWE) will gain a coveted position on the start line of the annual pinnacle event of the sport; the 2020 AR World Championships, set to take place in Paraguay.

Congratulations to both teams, on their display of strategic and entertaining racing throughout the 29 legged race, completing 350km all over the island of Rodrigues.

58 teams remain on course, continuing their exploration race as the venture all over this tiny island, soaking up the 'Rodrigan magic' before crossing the finish line, over the next couple of days.

Photo: Bruce Viaene

Press Release: Trystan Viaene

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