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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Expedition Africa May 2016 First Scouting Trip to the Garden Route
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Here we go on our New Adventure!!!

To go and confirm the venue for Expedition Africa 2016 in one of the Most beautiful parts of our Country, The Garden Route - Western Cape.

We were invited by the Knysna Tourism CEO Mr. Greg Vogt to come and see if we can host our event in the area. He indicated to us that Tourism will give us their full support and assistance to organize our best event ever. The next step was to get Sanparks on our side as we need their permission for all the Nature reserves and after a few calls and discussions this was also finalized. Then we had to confirm a Host Hotel and Greg suggested the Pine Lake Marina resort in Sedgefield for a 1 stop venue as it has everyone we need. a Few meetings later and we are proud to announce our partnership with the Pine Lake Marina as our official Host venue for Expedition Africa May 2016. Then we had to produce a 2min promotional Video for the event and area and Greg pulled in his "Staatmaker" Ashley and after many hours of editing they produced a wonderful promotional video for this event. If you haven't seen it hereby the link: I strongly felt that we had to get a true South Africa Icon as PJ Powers as our backing song and believe that the song gives it that special "heartbeat feeling" Thank you also to PJ Powers for the permission to use your song.

As you can see below lots of these initial meetings goes hand in hand with a few cappachinos' and cake and I must admit I love this part of the deal! 

As Isabella and Werner was with us we also made sure for  "playtime" dates with them. The good thing about this area is that you can have a pit-stop nearly every 5km as you will find plenty of little shops with food, decor stores, play-parks for children and some kind of entertainment for the kids. Its such a "child friendly" area and another reason why so many people decide to give up the city living for this fantastic lifestyle. Here you also feel so much at Home thus our Campaign Slogan "Welcome Home" 

The beautiful town of Knysna has so much to offer from little coffee shops and curio shops I can just wander around town and love discovering these small shops. One of my favorite visits were this beautiful shop French Kiss and just around the corner from it Steffini Jewelry design... dont event think that you will walk out of them without a bag full of shopping. 

We were also hosted by the Protea Hotel on the Waterfront and what a spoil it was. Your view from your room overlooks the jetty and yachts on the water and you are minutes away from all the shops and restaurants of the Waterfront.  I can highly recommend this Hotel if you visit Knysna in the future. 

After this successful week we were rejuvenated and excited to get the wheels rolling and as we were driving back the 14 hours to JHB we were already planning the next scouting trip where we will have a launch event and start to explore the hidden roads and paths... Until next time.



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