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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

Expedition Africa 2018 Namaqua West Coast in the making
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Expedition Africa 2018 Taking shape 

Namaqua West Coast will not disappoint. This beautiful and different destination only 4 hours away from the city of Cape Town is an ideal adventure racing destination. Its rugged, remote and with vast variety it gives us the opportunity to create a route not to be forgotten. 

Epic legs will surely ensure that every person will have moments they will treasure forever. 

We are now on our 3rd week and travel extensive kilometres  to go find these remote spots.  Today we off on another Trekking leg and if its close to the last Trekking leg we are surely in for many hours in the mountains and I better get my gear sorted. If this means another night under the stars I wont complain as the previous hike is still fresh in my memory. 

It was beautiful, slow moving forward as most of it was either jumping over rocks or crawling  through the bushes to find an animal path. We were trekking in severe heat and luckily found several pools. I did not care at that moment how clean the water was I jumped into the pools like it will be my last swim and drank the water as it was a cocktail. We had to crawl under a tree midday to escape the heat. At that moment we knew we will not make our end destination and will just push through and see how far we will get. Around 9pm we decided to camp out and found a soft sand spot. The stars and the moon was shining so bright I had to put a cloth on my face as it was like a spotlight. It was magical. It was as close as you can get to God and I had a wonderful time having conversations with myself, God and the universe..while Stephan was softy snoring next to me.

How blessed am I... thankful for my wonderful life. A life filled with adventure, glam and all things beautiful. A life with trail running shoes, Mountain biking shoes, slip slops, high heels and my favourite: bare foot! My heart is overflowing and my only wish is to be saved a few more years to be there for my children! Nothing else matters. 

I hear my name and have to go... 

Off we go on another Trekking leg and I will come and give you feedback on our return. 

Go make memories my friends and you will NOT make it by sitting at home. 

Love H

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