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Another Scouting day Exp Africa 2016
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So this week became just 1 big “Blurr” to me as I could not keep up with the posts. We leave early every morning to do a scouting stretch of Expedition Africa 2016 event and by the time we finished we have a few meetings to get to and it’s a meet and greet scenario and event discussions can easily turn into a few hours later. When we finally get home at night I have to admit that after just returning emails and sort the next day’s meetings out that I am too exhausted to get the post.

I think it was on day 3 that we did this “possible” kayak leg and it was most probably the most spectacular stretch of river I have ever paddled in.  Pristine beauty.  a Few months ago there was a big flood in Knysna area and unfortunately there was just too many logs and stretches where we could not paddle and basically had to drag and pull the boat for many hours… needless to say it cannot work for our event but it does not take away the fact that its very unfortunate as it would have been a very special kayak leg.

It was a very special day, hard work and I am still feeling the results of all those hours on and off the boat making a path through the jungle.. For those of you who are doing our event don’t worry as we will not do this to you!! It might be fun for the first hour and then you will hate us for the rest of the race.

Last but not Least we had to fit it all in for the day!! Jacuzzi to end of the day at our Host Hotel Pine Lake Marina 5km outside of Sedgefield on the Swartvlei Lake. Bliss!!!

Sleep tight.



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